Magdalene High Priestess Training


Teachings From The Enchanted Castle

A One Year Course Leading To Initiation As A High Priestess

To be eligible for this course you will need to have completed the Magdalene Priestess Training and become a member of the closed Facebook group "The Enchanted Castle".


This training includes deep self healing, the conducting of healing ceremonies for others and past life work. It also requires a contribution by you of commenting on the work submitted by the other trainees on facebook.

This year long downloadable audio course is divided up into four parts, each part a spiral on an ascending journey into the realms of the high priestess.

Upon completion of this course you will be able to train others to become Magdalene Priestesses and initiate them as a priestess of this order.

If after attaining High Priestess status you would like to train others it must be done over the course of one year and you are to use the teachings you have received from me in your own Priestess Training combined with your own personal teachings.

The aim of this course is to take you deep into yourself so that you know your soul and at the same time you will be guided to access previous lifetimes so that you may bring your own ancient knowledge into the present day.

Although I provide teachings to be worked with throughout the course this is different from the original priestess training because you are to take responsibility for continually working with the teachings you are given on your own. This is not a course where you just share and contribute at the given times; it is to be a constant stream of unfolding within you where you are totally committed to opening yourself up to the deepest mysteries.

As part of the course you will come together again with the sisters you have trained with and you will be asked to give your input and wisdom to the work which they provide. This is important because as a high priestess you will be required to interpret information others receive and give direction to them.

This is a journey through the self, where you will work through the 4 higher chakras until you reach the Crown which will complete your training. This is a journey of Ascension, of deep immersion into the mystical realms, of past lives, soul work, manifestation and magic.

Each turn of the spiral is a journey through one of the floors of the Enchanted Castle always remembering that the Castle is you as you journey through yourself. The Castle carries great symbolism and it is the embodiment of Ascension. You will ascend up a golden spiral staircase until you eventually reach the top floor of the castle where the roof is a huge golden dome completely enveloping you as your soul overlights you.


Spiral 1

You will work through the teachings within this spiral with the element of Earth, the heart chakra and the emerald. These are teachings for the body.

Spiral 2

You will work through the teachings within this spiral with the element of water, the throat chakra and aquamarine. These are teachings for the emotional body

Spiral 3

You will work through the teachings within this spiral with the element of air/wood, the third eye chakra and lapis lazuli. These are teachings for the mind and the higher mind.

Spiral 4

You will work through the teachings within this spiral with the element of fire, the Crown chakra and amethyst. These are teachings for the soul.


This course can be begun at any of the following dates, always beginning with Spiral 1: July 1st, October 1st, January 1st and April 1st.

The course work you will be given is to be written about and posted in the Facebook group, The Enchanted Castle, each month. You will be expected to deliver an amount of words relative to the work you have been given; providing not just one or two paragraphs, this will not be accepted.

Each spiral is to be begun on the above dates and worked with within three months; it will be divided into three parts. The first part of the teachings are for you for your own healing and awakening and you are to write about these within one month after beginning the spiral and post these on Facebook from where I will give you guidance.

The second part of each spiral requires you to practice healing ceremonies on others and you are to write about these on Facebook during the following month again. I will not provide feedback for your ceremonies but I will ask the other priestesses to give you feedback and you too will give feedback to others.

The third part of the spiral will take you into past lives and the information you receive is to be posted on Facebook during the following month where I will give you further direction.

I will also require you to give feedback whenever you feel you have information for others during each part of the spiral.

Each spiral requires written work from you before the end of each month of the three month duration of each spiral and it must be delivered on time.

You will be encouraged to keep your own personal journal as you did in your priestess training and at the end of the course you will be asked to write an essay about yourself as a high priestess and this essay is to be around 3,000 words.

When I have received this I will decide whether you are ready to be initiated as a high priestess and if I feel you have attained the right level of consciousness then you will receive your initiation. This can be done at one of our retreat days or it can be done soul to soul.

You will also receive a certificate proclaiming you as a Magdalene High Priestess.

The cost of this year long course is 320 and it can be paid at the beginning of each spiral at a cost of 80.

This is a very special course for those whom I feel are ready for it; it will open you up to the ancient mysteries within you and it will provide you with the ability to train and initiate others as Magdalene Priestesses. You will also be able to perform ceremonial rites of passage.



Spiral 1

The Emerald Realm

Available to download from April 1st.




Spiral 2

The Aquamarine Realm

Available to download from April 1st.




Spiral 3

The Lapis Lazuli Realm

Available to download from April 1st.




Spiral 4

The Amethyst Realm

Available to download from April 1st.


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