Magdalene Priestess Training


Train to be a Priestess of Magdalene.


Mary Magdalene was a black robed Nazarene Priestess who now brings us the ancient mysteries for initiation as a modern day priestess.

 This is a year long process with 8 downloadable audio workshops to be completed at home. Each workshop will bring the ancient mysteries of the priestess using the 8 Sabbats of the year connecting you in a very profound way to the earth’s natural rhythms. As you work through each turning of the wheel at the corresponding time you will be naturally attuned to the changing seasons of the year.

The course can be begun at any point of the year but a completion of the 8 parts must be accomplished. You will journey through the aspects of the wheel of the year and through the different archetypes of the goddess; you will heal yourself at the same time as learning the ways of the priestess.

We will cover many aspects of the role of the priestess as you receive the mystical teachings; some of these are: how to make your own etheric essences, a brand new way of healing called soul to soul healing, working with etheric crystals, communication with plants and animals, astral travel to other planets, elemental magic, flower language, creating an altar, manifestation, shapeshifting, rituals and so much more.

This is not a formal course and the teachings are unique, I teach them as I receive them from my own soul and from my spiritual teachers.

Each individual workshop includes mystical teachings, personal healing journeying and a ceremony for you to perform. You will have to join the Facebook group, Magdalene Priestesses, to share your work and it is there where I will give you feedback and direction.  This will be a closed group only accessible to those who participate on the course. It is necessary to write about your experiences for each workshop in this Facebook group to receive your initiation and certificate. The group will also provide support from other trainee priestesses. Unfortunately, I cannot enter into individual email correspondence to provide feedback, this will only be done via the facebook group.

You are encouraged to write a journal and upon the completion of the course you will write a short essay of approximately 2,000 words on the work covered during the year. From reading your essay I will be shown if you are ready for your initiation as a Magdalene Priestess. If you need more time to work with the teachings then this will be given.

The initiation will be done at a distance, soul to soul, in the light at an appointed time and date.

Following the initiation you can then use the title of Magdalene Priestess and if you continue your training to become a Magdalene High Priestess (the Magdalene High Priestess Training lasts one year and the details are on the home page) you can set up your own school to share the ancient mysteries and initiate your own students as Magdalene Priestesses; these mysteries are already within you waiting to be activated. Afterwards I will continue to support you in your role as a priestess and teacher.

Upon completion of the course and after I have received your essay if you are ready to be initiated as a Magdalene Priestess you will receive a certificate of completion.

If you wish to do this course on your own and not be involved in submitting your work via Facebook then you may do so as self study but there will be no initiation or completion certificate and there will be no direct contact with me.

These priestess teachings are based upon the northern hemisphere wheel of the year but they can still be used by those living in the southern hemisphere; please enquire if this applies to you as you would need to download the workshops in a different order.


The cost of each of the 8 workshops is 80. All 8 of the workshops must be completed to be considered for the initiation as a priestess. Only one workshop will be available at a time; each one carries the theme of the current aspect of the wheel of the year. Each workshop will be available for download 2 weeks prior to each Sabbat where it will remain live until 2 weeks before the next one. Please note that the dates of the Sabbats can vary by 1 or 2 days each year.

This course can also be done as self study by individuals who would like to work alone without any group participation on Facebook. We have found that some people wish to work by themselves and so we are now providing this alternative.

If you would like to take this course for your own personal education and development without any interaction from myself and the other priestesses there will be no feedback from me and no initiation and certificate but you may still enjoy the priestess teachings.

The cost for self study is 30 for each workshop download.


By clicking on either button you will be taken to PayPal ( which is a secure site, you do not have to have a PayPal account as you will be given the option to pay by card.

I am no longer accepting new members for the Group Participation, only Self study is available: Group Participation   Self study


Workshop 4

Litha June 21st.  "The Enchantress"

Available to download from June 7th.

After paying and before leaving PayPal, click on "Return To Merchant" to get automatic access to the downloads.

Otherwise wait for confirmation email which is manually sent at our first opportunity.


Group Participation only available to existing members.

Price: 80.00

After paying please wait for email with login details to be sent to you, this is not automatic and may take a short while.

Price: 30.00


Workshop 5

Lughnasadh August 1st.  "Earth Mother"

Available to download from July 17th.


Only Self study workshop now available


Price: 30.00


Workshop 6

Mabon September 21st.  "The Seer"

Available to download from September 7th.


Only Self study workshop now available


Price: 30.00


Workshop 7

Samhain October 31st. (Eve)  "The Crone"

Available to download from October 17th.



Only Self study workshop now available

Price: 30.00


Workshop 8

Yule December 21st.  "The Midwife"

Available to download from December 7th.


Only Self study workshop now available


Price: 30.00


Workshop 1

Imbolc February 1st.  "The Mermaid"

Available to download from January 17th.


Only Self study workshop now available

Price: 30.00


Workshop 2

Ostara March 21st.  "The Maiden"

Available to download from March 7th.


Only Self study workshop now available

Price: 30.00


Workshop 3

Beltane April 30th. (Eve)  "The Wild Woman"

Available to download from April 18th.


Price: 80.00
Price: 30.00


After you have paid for a workshop you will be sent Login & Password details for the download.  

I will look forward to sharing with you the ancient wisdom of the way of the priestess and bringing the knowledge of Mary Magdalene the Priestess into these modern times.

My love for you will always be shared accompanying you on one of the greatest journeys of your lifetime,

With love from my heart, Margaret.



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