Pilgrimage & Retreat Day


"Midsummer Gathering"

Saturday June 9th.  10:30am. – 4:30pm.

Paddington Farm, Maiden Croft Lane, Glastonbury, Somerset BA6 8JN


Cost: 50 per person.

Optional accommodation on site: 60 per person/2 nights.


Location of Paddington Farm


Midsummer Gathering

Come and join us for a very special day in a very special place in the sacred landscape of Glastonbury.

Let us come together as we did in ancient times and share our love and our light as we spend time in the heart of nature.

The day will be immersed in the nurturing light of the divine feminine essence of Mary Magdalene and teachings will be provided by Babaji and other cosmic teachers as well as contributions from the devic realms.

There will be abundant healing for you as we join together with open hearts with our brothers and sisters of the light.

We will spend time in the woods gathering beneath the trees as we have done together in many other lifetimes and we will make merry with song and dance and ceremony in this sacred grove.

The ceremony will include the initiation of Magdalene Priestesses but the day is open to anyone and to both men and women.

Tea and refreshments will be provided plus a wonderful healing vegan lunch.

Paddington Farm is a very special place where the principles of the new age are embraced totally and the land itself will heal you as well as the divine light provided by Babaji.


This time there is the option of 2 nights onsite self-catering accommodation in the "Farmhouse". Just add accommodation to your cart when making your booking. (Only dormitory accommodation available now - Ladies only.)


If you like camping there is a large camping area with facilities, for camping please deal direct with Paddington Farm.


 Otherwise next door to the farm is Middlewick Holiday Cottages where we have been previously.


This Saturday. To late to book on website.

Contact Tel. No.  07933399620


Location of Paddington Farm


For further information please contact Margaret Hunt.




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