School Of Heaven And Earth

For further training in specialised subjects taught online by teachers qualified in their own particular field.


This school is an extension of the teachings provided by myself under the name of Water Lily Temple. All of my teachings combine the wisdom of both the cosmos and the earth for there is no separation as they are part of the whole. Just as the earth meets the sky at the horizon then this school provides new horizons for you so that you will have access to the wisdom of expert teachers who are tuned in to both the earth and the universe. If you would like to increase your understanding of a particular subject which you are drawn to then I will provide links to those qualified in their field of learning.

These courses are taught by teachers who have previously participated in classes, courses or workshops provided by myself and they are highly recommended as professional and deeply spiritual mentors.

Alongside their own private practices they are now also part of this school providing expert knowledge in their own field. If you would like to extend your understanding on any of these subjects then please contact the individual person for further information regarding the online courses.


Subjects And Teachers



Teacher: Sarah Varcas


 Intuitive Astrology For Heart And Soul

Online course: Introduction To Astrological Interpretation Self Study Course




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